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tv   Board of Education 111015  SFGTV  November 11, 2015 3:30pm-6:01pm PST

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same language. and what happened was the person working next to the other person respected a skill a skill that was so wonderful that we have this masterpiece to show the world today. all right. good ev everyone and welcome the regularly meeting the san francisco unified school district for tuesday, november 10, 2015, is now called to order roll call. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns and dr. murase. >> ms. chin and mr. totiano thank you. >> please join me in the
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pledge of allegiance. >> item a pinning no approval tonight and as amazement to the public as has been mandated in the past if you meeting in members of the public wish to address the board of education complete a speaker and ms. casco and importantly according to the board precedes and policies the board of education from the superintendent carranza. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney and good evening to everyone
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last friday, i had the privilege to visit the alternative school to see you are teachers be surprised with a golden impact challenge award for her creative approach for technology there donors and dr. facing on will use the technology to be creatively engaging her students and the implementation of a rob order of business program we were excited to see the look on her that faced and see the incredible support from the student and patterns congratulations to green dr. facing on the smartest balance all the time on line by thousands of students and as you may know replace the pencil and standardized tests those ascertainments are a common core
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curriculum and recently parents have received the scores and to help families make sense of reports the san francisco unified school district staff and over achievement assessment office will help to interpret the result theirs november 12th from 6 to p.m. the results show the district are testing above the standard in math and language art and the pages that support our students and obviously our patchers e teachers with the transition to the common core and 18 of our schools have been receiving funder for impact and obligation in 2008, the voters pat the act q t e a for the awards that finger on fostering innovation
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in the school district we'll be recognizing those on december 8th and have the opportunity to congratulate the schools and hear the amount of funding to begin or expand the work they've started i mean, i'll to thank you u e sf and dr. blanco in selecting the award winners this year i'd like to congratulate bs u black student units from john o'connor school who traveled as part of the black lives matter joining us from around the state of california one of the very own students if mission high school the bs u want was one of the speakers and was awesome to congratulations to all the students forces taking this leadership role in the state of california and like to thank their chaperones on the trip
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beverly johnson and others keep up the great work and remind everyone that tomorrow to veterans day all schools and offices will be claims no occurrence of veterans day and celebrate those men and women that have served to support our nation and one in this amazement i don't know if he is here have the opportunity to recognize our achieve of schools officer mr. rob jose and be light first one to call him, dr. for their distelevision station commissioner vice president or distelevision station commissioner vice president r t distelevision station commissioner vice presiden thei distelevision station commissioner vice presidentheir
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distelevision station commissioner vice president haney. >> recognize of accommodations none and school district ms. chin and mr. totiano. >> thank you vice president mr. haney as well as the superintendent as for the sustainability advising the leaders have a report for the curriculum report for the california association bilingual education conference we're happy to announce that will take place at the high pressure system in union square from march 23 to the 26, 2016 we hope our able to witness our challenging student leaders and the security guard program we're happy studio announce the street council couched the program we would like to extend our thanks if the principals and staff and sergeant if san francisco police
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department for providing our student leaders to be part of program and as aside may i gill it was his birthday and on boost ask the advisory council shout out to his compassion for the student advisor council (clapping.) that was completely you think kept you thank you teresa and as well as the rest of you and thank you commissioner vice president haney in addition at that time, school district crossing guard we provide free goody bags to the 50 students in the shelter and last week the team managed to deliver american people array of halloween treats for the students who reside at the family shelter this loud our students the opportunity to not leave they are space and get
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goody bags with colored pebbles pencils and glow in the dark toys and, of course, a little bit of candy because it would not be a tickerer treat without sweets i want to give a shout out without through kevin truit and the office for advocating to get a healthy dungeons and thank you, mr. truit he has been a very big help in the 15 meetings another shout out just not the only shout out so thank you, mr. truit next, i cc meeting monday november 23rd at 5 o'clock and it is a public council anyone that welcome to attend our meeting dinner is provided for the representatives and guests
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if i want to attend or like a presentation or a copy please contract our contract salvador lopez. >> thank you student delegates and happy birthday we have one report tonight from the parents advisors council represent by gateway land a pa c member i'm going to turn it over tto turn >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent i'll highlight this is we've been heeding 20 conversations community conversations from our
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children and families to for the development of 5 year plan that our children and families create also and those communities conversations we were describe the purpose the goals of our children and family we'll be sharing data points and sharing with the leads of san francisco with their button and input and input from participants and their thoughts open what san francisco of a names need to thrive and succeed sharing of information with our children and families we will share information and recommendation to the and the district staff and the community at large what we're doing is going out to other organizations that serve
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families that don't typically go to town hall meetings some of the community conversations beef already given - parents advisory council the india education community with the santa community and parents with public school club, family and youth in transition chinese education and when we leave here tonight we'll go to the foster parents program. >> so good afternoon, commissioners and superintendant i'll georgia with the parents advisory council we'll be helping to convene the local
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accountability plan task force and we're lou gehrig also collaborating with the partners to engagement plan last week our subcommittee met to begin to did you how to approach the community engagement in the initial conversation we were looking cpr how to broadened our voice and increase those existing such a student voice and court and county schools and staff we're looking at how to create a more systemic message of engagement to throw 9 school sites and overall how to make that a yearlong process we're hoping to make has to do with headway this greater we'll report on the plans as they develop throughout the process
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the next silence all electronic devices on monday next monday 16 on the 3rd floor from 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on a side note thank you to the superintendent for step up to the plate an invitation to go and participate at the california collaborative on the reform in sacramento this thursday and friday into the office of community engagement to share about your experience on the development of our el cap and learning had you their bringing back to help with the process and our pack meeting a next wednesday november 18th from 6 to 8:30 upstairs and 555. >> questions or comments from the board?
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>> all right. thank you very much we appreciate that. >> all right. so moving along public comment on consent items i have two susan solomon and annette. >> caught you off graduate there. >> you did. >> united educators of san francisco supports and recognizes the golds of the c grant for creating an in house teacher preparation program and we are were glad to have the
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avenues for the participation explained to us to communication with the district we want to make sure that is public record that usf will be a full participate participant in the work committees over the next few months i'm not sure what the details are we don't want to be called in to sign off on a package deal it has many things that are of great concern a program that that fast track with 6 district the summer is a concern we have concerns about the evaluation process opening the door to a different type of evaluation and stands ton the
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values in your classrooms recognize on board the paraprofessionals into the certification program that is my personal motivation for making that program work so we want to do it right and we want to make sure we are not doing it fast and cheap and make sure that we have our voices heard yeah. those are our concerns they remain our concerns but we want to- we believe that is an opportunity for the district so - >> good evening, commissioners superintendent carranza i'm susan solomon of the usf and just a couple of details to add to what dr. blanco said this execute has are worked in a
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close partnership with the current system and we would like to have that successful model be replicated when we moved in developing a teacher pipeline we clearly and definitely see the need to have our own teacher pipeline as dr. blanco we want to make sure that is done right and be full partners in that process we've been assured we'll be full partners in that process what that means is attending the design team meetings and be able part of the planning solutions and having a full voices at the table to the result is a successful teacher pipeline program that creates success withs interns who come in as part of pipeline some of this is through a different program as you may know the teachers
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residency program there is a lot of we can learn from seeing the successes if that program as well we looked forward to making this a success that everyone can buy into thank you very much. >> thank you dr. blanco and commissioners, back to you the summary pap smears may i have a motion and a second on the consent calendar. >> so moved. >> second. >> all right. any items withdrawn or corrected by the that superintendent. >> yes. commissioner vice president haney tonight is withdrawn with items 2 c-1451 dash 3 on pages 34 and 25 and next on pages 26, 27 and 28. >> just to summary pages the
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sfgov so the services on, on page 88 is right and the summary to be changed to correct departments any items first reading, if any, the board none and any severed by the commission. >> i'd like to sever 2-e on page 29 the c grant that was referred to. >> note of that and roll call under section o o superintendents proposals none board members proposals nun and all right. public comment on general matters so everyone who is going to be speaking has given me a card or called in beforehand i know we have a lot of people here to speak on the
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map sequence we'll take that as a block the standard practices the public comment on the other items i'll call folks up speaking on a number of different items first person is (calling names). >> good evening superintendents and good evening board of education members i'm lee foreclosing the first chair the special equation advisory committee and i'm here tonight to update you on the speaking special equation staff opening in the school we have 54 open position 58 and 14 moderate to day class and 39 paraprofessionals options
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one middle school specialist and one high school content specialist and 3 actional professionals this is department staff state this school started 3 months ago the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results to fill those with highly qualified individuals as soon as possible and we would love our support and we would last week to visit invite to you the cca meeting to our next cca on thursday, november 19th at support for families 631 admitting more information is available and our topic will be literacy intervention and obviously an
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important topic and thank you for your time. >> thank you, ms. fisher. >> next two speakers. >> okay. >> good evening my name is karen i'm the president of the board of creative arts chapter school here to speak on to points to creative arts and ucsf divided in our schools and the excellence of teachers have you have an opportunity to support both we want to thank you to be respond to our e-mail in short we ask the board of education to approve your submitted request
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to add a creative arts for students for free and reduced lunch the diversity is a core value which this if so in our charter and the creative arts board staff is striving to draw a student body reflective of san francisco's population hover the low income students in the chart is declining in order to address this we continue to outreach the community partnership is not enough the number of applications for kindergarten at creative arts gross if more affluent white families in san francisco we receive approximately 14 application for every one kindergarten spot befell we need to have an enrollment process
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for free lunch our board of directors passed that respond from usf to add that perspective has been positive, however, in order for us to be allowed to add the free and reduced lunch we have to reduce other preferences currently our chapter provides for the enrollment for the children of teachers and staff regardless of where we live that was approved by the board of education when the legal departmentalized raised no observation. >> it is time. >> okay. >> you can wrap up. >> okay for a appeal to allow us to submit our preferences with the least amount of changes and by adding an additional preference for free and reduced lunches we ask you to add that topic for the next agenda to incorporate the change for the lottery process. >> thank you for your hard
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working hard work for public education. >> good evening board members i'm fernando the director the creative arts school we're inspired to provide opportunity for all of san francisco subsequent youth with the joyful learn through the art our administrative and staff and board of directors as unanimously to pass the enrollment resolution 0 that students that quality get preference by vice chair their applications waved to the annual lottery i'm here to attracting and asking for the students and respectfully ask for the support of sfusd board of education and to speak about another relevant issue everyone present at no time board meeting see san
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francisco change housing costs make that difficult for our public education and public school teachers to live in the city they've called home for so many years if we don't create policies that make the teacher retention for high priority you our students pay the price this is foundational to a students success rate after fatiguing e feedback we know that in order to have our resolution we must change our policy that gives me priority to the children of our staff and siblings of current students those families reside in san francisco we all value our teachers and changing the staff must reside in san francisco leads to further challenges 2, 3, 4 teacher retention given the teachers and siblings of current students no
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matter where we live is the right thing to do in our climate giving us the requirement for a free lunch is the right thing to do we don't want to choose between those to provide high qualify of education and choose between those 3. >> thank you. >> thank you. i'm going going to call think speakers for sb 77
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(calling names). >> good evening my name is can recall and i've appeared before you a few times to speak that sb 77 the new state vaccination that barbs acids i kids from school if you miss shots at the end of the last board meeting sfusd strong support it is clear we will be affected by this law are not considered i'm waiting for a response from my e-mails requesting the transcript you voted to support sb 77 so we may better understand what led to our decision we think that a
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considerationy we have sf free san franciscans for free xekt to provide for the families ensnared by the law i have a letter by over founding letters i'll submit with new information our letter asked the district to hold public hearing on the san francisco families and the community should that law be implement we request are to the last 19 years up to one thousand families public and private schools are effected in kicked off of schools and basically that is will be institutionalizing this and we believe that sb 277 is under
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scoring how the public health and the new law negatively impacts public health and into 277 picks on a minority of students who put the same risk to the school community so in the hearings thank you very much. >> hi, i'm dr. christine hicks with regards to sb 277 was passed for schools to be safe for other children and children around them there too vaccines on the schedule m m r and chickenpox and you can shed or
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spread this virus if you are not understanding they will not let you visit any cancer patients if you've been vaccinated there is a study w ar f e l the academy of survives no 2014 he did a study iuoe on babe depends on with vaccines with 2 and 4 months and exposed them the babe based on got the barker and spread it to other monkeys those studies are in contradict contradiction to sb 277 what is trying to do i have got this sheet a list of vaccines those are some of the ingredients in
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the childhood vaccine aluminum and for mall go ahead a known carrageenan it is i think elected a in your toxic when you ingest aluminum your body assumes one hundred percent and not excreted out of body and poly is an ingredients that causes intellect in rats and extract cow extract and merry occur and neuro toxin and others tissues thank you. >> thank you.
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>> thank you for pubs e public hearing sb 277 violates the code of ethics for patients right could be exercised only from the parish pose all the food extent is the basic policy both i got and law that physicians must honor sb 277 violates little american medical association code of ethics no treatment is a one-size-fits-all family and personal medical i thought is of history is too important to assess between the patient and dr. sb 277 does not understand the risks by treat all children one-size-fits-all mandated list
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of vaccines it has tripled since 1983 it opened the door for vaccines that is deemed necessary to be added to a mandated list without proper parental consents already showing up from the 2016 schedule that vaccination can be mandated without parents ever knowing the risk and providing consent the leading developer on the vaccination dr. diane harper said that as giant deadly scam to quote not sleep at night and come cleaner cervical cancer 98 cases all trials of vaccination from children age 15 and above despite this is marked to 9
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years and this is has graded more 35 thousand adverse reaction this kind of information visibly important for this kind of treatment sb 277 violates the american medical association code of ethics and strongly urge to ask for a habeas corpus. >> what's your name. >> this is the first time i've done this if i sound nervous your understanding i'll read something that is important stuff that none has mentioned here today congress and the destruct legally classified vaccines as your honor,
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individually unsafe that is expected to injure and kill some i'm going to say that again congress and the supreme court legally clarified vaccinations as unavoidablely unsafe products that are expected to injury and kill some we can't tell who they're no tests so we are playing vaccine route with our children and our severs that the mandated vaccine don't kid yourselves they're not save and effective in a vote the 1986 law that set up a compensation fund for injuries stemming from vaccines does bar all designs
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defects lawsuits against vaccine administrative reviews vaccine administrative reviews that can't be sued while mandatory vaccination laws are enacted across the country for unavoidablely save products studying study after study the vaccination compensation program that replaced our to my right is system is failing stanford university is case university are the u.s. government accountability law - >> and yet the fund has paid out over $3 billion for vaccine injury and deaths and there is nearly $5 billion in the fund now. >> please wrap up.
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>> so i want to close by saying please communicate with the people of san francisco about what sb 277 means because so many people do not know they have until december 31st if they're concerned about the legal aspects of this law and please, please have some public hearing if anyone is interested ♪ organization we're here representing sf free 2016 and a g >> thank you we're move on to general public comment folks that are here on the map subsequently all one block of time i'll allot 45 minutes
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roughly one minute each a little bit of cushion to go two speakers so, please tie your best to stay within one minute we'll let you know what it is up but if you take less time someone else will have more and i'll provide the opportunity at the end for people that don't want to be speaking and recognized on the record to be present here and in favor of wondering or the other i'll allow that and the students first and then the folks that called in and all the other commenters so hopefully, he have the right names the students here (calling names). >> me any other students who
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want to come up and signed up please come up. >> off please come up and be sure to say your name i wasn't sure please anyone that is a student and called in or signed up is a student. >> so we'll go until roughly 735 maybe sooner. >> hello my name is virginia home sharers i'm currently a hispanic senior at lowell high school i am glad to reflect on the education i took algebra in eight grade tea tatd it is an algebra two
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honors says i e case i was able to get the assistance to transfer to a geometry class there is options to make all students feel successful ami i've been in art and math and english and history and science i felt empowered to discuss with mountain valley pipeline my family's with the right choices because everyone had choices i have been able to design an education program right for me, i feel bad for the children behind me can't choose hard to like a class all the students i know from across the city have smart enough to decide between honors and non-honors in subjects that matter to them thank you.
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>> thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> please be sure to state our name. >> i'm marseille an african-american str i'm sad to here the eight is getting rid the algebra we know kids will benefit from the prealgebra and algebra concept we know kids that would be in our classes it don't offer a big enough instruction at eight algebra lots of doors opened and being able to take algebra in eight grade i can take callous and others classes missy tells me me algebra teacher says i'm a wonderful student i'm not sure but if i didn't take eight algebra i won't have an amazing teacher i
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love a lot about high school i have a large group of friends that take classes we love the choices we learn to help each other and help each and we all don't need to be in the same classroom to find out who is better at some stuff than others if we all had the same path we wouldn't be as interesting i am told kids are not ready to make decisions whether we turn 16 we are making huge decided that our parents don't know about discussing core selections gives me a chance to include my parents into my school career he
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won't change my courses in talking about them to my parents means the world to me thank you. >> (clapping.) my name is raul i'm a senior at lowell high school i'm a latino school at lowell high school involved in debate now this idea of removing choices with a pathway came up i don't know a simple high school standard that would argue against the institutional families should have a say that everyone has the right to have the pursuant of happiness and what classes should not be dedicated by anothers family the resources is about getting everyone what they need not
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everybody the same thing qualifying equality is not all the students together i've learned about the types of classes and i'll carry that with me if you're trying to raise a society by all means but the america dream you give the latino and happening everyone a cause in fulfilling their dreams thanks (clapping.) thank you. >> my name is a calcy i'm amanda we want algebra in eight grade for college and high school in the 21st century math is very important because matt math will help us solve things like shopping and money martin luther king. >> without algebra it is fundamental we'll not be ready for college.
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>> not providing algebra is a discretionary process. >> don't punish those who want to learn and can advance (clapping.) hi my name is sunny lee i was want eight grade algebra i want it because it will expand any cereal thinking and math skills i will also want eight grade algebra it will get me ready for high school and college help me with my math skills and starting my high school years. >> thank you. >> (clapping). >> thank you to all the students we appreciate our joining us;
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right? (clapping.) so i'm going to call the folks that were called in so ms. i didn't sue colleagues, any questions or commentcomments? >> i've talked about with missy we're switching places i'm victor i'd like to say that 3 people who are on the guest list (calling names) has yield their minute to me so i can finish my presentation
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superintendent carranza and members of the public i'm victor the president of the care care stands for coalition for adequacy for reform of education i'd like to speak in opposition to the math course option that schedules acceleration in 11 grade the district helped to develop the common core curriculum algebras move to the ninth grade canceling prior stat policies despite that it is important to note a lot of san francisco talented students that far exceed common core exception design exceptions the current common core test shows that san francisco is the highest ranked district in the state your honor, district in the state certain ethics groups
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rep a major have scores do you believe that of the state in mathematics the class through the 10th grade regardless of demonstrated accomplishment while this policy serves the value of social justice it results in qualified students ref in inferior education in the leveling grade students may ended up failing math and classical lose as i think adequate eight grade education currently policy didn't provide the academic success to adopt
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it's indecisive successful students that have been held back 47 percent categories as economically sdraejd the common core tests show that individual effort stand up to the expanded challenges achievement declines are small for students who have the capability for hard work and in contrast in san francisco the proportion of successive
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students from ethic group of colors has dropped and the careers is predicted on a small-scale please preserve those who have the fast track a living example of how important a good math education can do my parents were immigrants who spoke little english and had little education despite a 200 point gap between math and verbalize s a ti had any math strengths into a blushgs degree please provide the same opportunities that were
4:22 pm
vabd to me to the students of today thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker >> i'm don i know your proponents of social just as i imagine everyone in the room, i put together a list of questions about social justice for the education math policy so social justice deprooif the students of opportunity to take classes and having the course work for the interests it is social injustice students double up to take the classes for the college application and losing art and drama it is social for a two tiered system with the families
4:23 pm
that can have the usf work aforementioned and only in the district not elsewhere it is just to game blame the teachers for classrooms that are you think manager and to rely on dpaeventd instruction when is clear inform mask bullet with the styles and cultures does social justice mean closing the top from down or bottom-up social judged kids are bored by one-size-fits-all educational paradigm thank you. >> (clapping.) just. >> next speaker. >> i'm rebecca a parent to three children that you are in usf schools a child psychologist spldz in working with children
4:24 pm
with special needs i say proposal that is come to you because i did ask the district to increase the opportunities for everyone to excel i want to speak specifically about a concern around the classroom model i implore you to hold yourselves accountable for the dpaevengs started the examination of the definition of hit the nail on the head general classroom the teachers are in impossible situations big deal asked to teacher simultaneously from the fourth to 12 level in terms of academic skills and the research is cited in defense of this mod model but if bolder
4:25 pm
study they range from 2 core so students with varying background have a lot of to learn from each other but a limit to the rage of needs that one teacher can meet please not only work harder to provide the teachers with the support they need to differentiate effectivelyly empower our principals to have teachable classrooms after school sites thank you. >> loophole commissioners i'm missy and let's talk about choice the neil on this tactful said the most valuable saegs education is self-determined but i know the importance of chris choice in a teenager's life
4:26 pm
we know sfusd families that would be thrilled it is their children pass high school you can't sacrifice one set of values for another when you promise the vision 2025 you have to be able to meet the needs of children in a meeting with dr. stevens we were told that the dpaeventd classrooms were not actual listed our proposal pathways asked students and families after significant grade to courthouses acceleration algebra and others it opens all classes to anyone that want to take them anywhere in their career no tracking or requirement just be the agreement to do the work and it aligns with the math acceleration and all
4:27 pm
commissioner moore standards and the access to 2013 i've given the doctor an e-mail we hate tracking we live in san francisco and we value fist but the odds are stacked against all of us of 45 african-american students identified as lowell if i believe 90 percent accepted full slippers if they all attend lowell that is with diverse choice is the answer to tracking teachers and parents and children wants to try and there has to be something to try for i've only spent 10 percent of my time the other 90 percent of the time involving the parents from every ethic population in
4:28 pm
support of this proposal parents involvement needs to include the breath and depth of this community we'll not otherwise achieve the gap thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) thank you. >> good evening board i'm nervous my name is al verse i'm a san francisco native the daughter of mexican immigrants with 5 grade education in the latest 80s any dad held 3 jobs to make sure that my siblings and i were given the best education and i'm thankful and so happy they did they took classes that i don't think they know of and got to uc
4:29 pm
berkley now in the same spirit i'm thrilled to be a parent if stanford university my son is a second grader claims a math genius and my daughter has to ask her to stop reading to go to bed what both the me will the education my saying i want to provide the same opportunities to my children and 60 percent primarily latino students at fairmont staff i get sues of being part of dog and pony show of those who want choice and acceleration and who want usf to provide those options i'm worried about the kid at lowell
4:30 pm
they'll do fine by i went in eight grade and not getting into lowell and crying because everyone said don't worry about you'll get in you'll be fine i recognize not the same time and place my parents had different resources in of the excelsior with working-class families and filipinos and impacts and aliens and fortunately those families are leaving but those of us who remain have etch right to share our voice and to demands that every child who as missy said wants to go further and deeper and be given the opportunity those of us who are now in a blast we can support our children with private programs not private schools. >> private programs will be fine again, the lowell kids will
4:31 pm
do great the kids that have parents that are aware of things will do ground water great i want to make sure that all the kids with provided the same opportunities i was given thank you (clapping.) >> hi, i'm not a student islam i'm asking you not take away the honors and the app classes but to ask you help those that are noted ready for the algebra one to get to that point because my son will not be quoting against other san franciscans he'll be competing with kids from all over the country in new york their planning to have africa had a
4:32 pm
algebra one by grade equating e yalt that is a foot up on our students it is not fair our students are xhoeft against kids i want to know if you take that away it appears you've pushed algebra one to grade 9 are you giving the 80 percent of the kids or 80 percent of the african-american and latino students and the 50 percent of asian and others students that are not ready for algebra one are you prep them and giving them center summary school to help our students what their need to succeed in college high school is just one step on the way to college and college they compete they are career
4:33 pm
care whether or not our black or asian or any other color our job to get everybody ready for that that point thank you (clapping) i'm susan a parent of three children in stanford university i first will say i'm against the school districts remove the english and math and many mission high school in their stlin the gate program and the eliminating of algebra one in eight grades you're to prepare kids for college we've talked about the vaccine but the informed consent is a good phrase to use i feel that public education is a act rid trust if we don't do the doing everything
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we can i don't know what is a more important job i volunteer at at elementary and even though my kids are not in elementary schools i see how kids are not obeys compromised accommodated to their level a lot of models i've been fortunate to have had a common cold that attended bayview academy as well as know people that accepted their kids to parochial schools we don't try to yes, ma'am late their best practices i for example, love how they have sports teams for kids like beginning in third
4:35 pm
and fourth and fifth grade baseball and association and tennis organized in an organized fashion taechlz them responsibility and teamwork that guess my toil appeal to a lot of people kids are not interested in school but sport they might apply themselves if we gave them that outlet i notice in the school districts data one kid starts sixth graded the achievement gap grows that might be because of elementary school one teacher and that one teacher has one set of kids the whole day whereas altercation middle and high school the students must be more vicinity and
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advance because the subject matter is anymore complex i'm asking you why not have success coaches at every elementary school maybe in the fourth and fifth grades that coach is dribble recorded to the office and that person challenges the resources or if they deal with other schools that can see what can work because definitely for 40 years you haven't made headway in closing the achievement gap in no one gets left behind that is 19 years and now on the scrape heap it is not effective i'm asking you you guys what are you doing should there is honor roll. >> wrap up. >> may i'm asking to think
4:37 pm
outside the box because there is the sub group that is hooter and we don't normally pay attention to themselves that much until something happens this indefinite has our attention look at that is there and see what you can do like elma said we'll be okay what about the other people you guys have the sacredly duty of running this school. >> thank you (clapping.) >> there's 19 minutes left people try, try to stay within the minutes. >> i'm a parent of a sophomore an eight grader a fifth and a 2-year-old i wanted to mention that my son is a smor and not in the
4:38 pm
tracking system and in a public i'm speaking on behalf of the a pack i have a pack members in the audience we believe with the new sequence about levels the playing field and allow an ininclusive success for all students as statistics in the letter we also building that all children deserve a fair level of instruction and assess that was extents by one student he had the best teacher of the teachers they're ju they're just designating for the teachers we want the students to has been there and see the mass sequence and also a math subsequence is implemented we encourage the monitoring of the role outs to make sure that the
4:39 pm
tracking didn't take place with the classroom and all students can excel we want to give a portion to before reverend brown from the naacp in the audience (clapping.) >> good evening i suppose all should say amen to
4:40 pm
what she said. >> amen. >> we claim to be one nation under god and invisible with justice for all and what the previous speech has spoken about making sure in the educational enterprise we consider all doctor martin luther king never be a commonwealth until there is wealth for all and we hope you all hear that leaders announcement we have celebrations every year invoking his name and quote his speak the grave on the end but 60 percent of that speech
4:41 pm
was about justice equality, fairness, and imthat would be helpful we must be concerned of the lease of those i think we're to do the right thing tonight. >> (clapping). >> thank you reverend brown all right. i'll call the next set of speakers. >> you didn't call me but i'm coming up i'm still part of general. >> go ahead. >> go ahead. >> say your name. >> my name is leann i have a couple of letters here eave written can i give them to anyone to put on record? >> okay i'm part of the public school in
4:42 pm
north beach and i'm a mom of two children one is congratulated from there and another one i transferred out because of a few reasons he was on lots of board there nufd the p t o and room parents and teachers assistant and i just wanted to let you know that the state school of our school that my previous school we left 3 weeks ago has slipped since high older so much was there but the youthtion the common core this is reeled resulted in kids including my son claim they're not learning anything new that is wisdom worrisome to deal with
4:43 pm
bullying and disruptive behavior i've witnessed a lot of disruptive on behalf of it is astonishing about how many e-mails and mooeblgz we've had regarding that bullying and nothing has happened if his been 6 years with a particular child and i'm astonished that the board can't do anything for this child it is not just the bully himself by the sdrums it causes the entire school to be looking for him scared of him not able to learn including the teachers so i would last week if you guys could approach that with an open heart and to look at this boy and say listen we'll help you it
4:44 pm
won't end if anyone takes control. >> thank you for coming. >> there is someone that is helping. >> i actually don't have our name. >> i'm hoping he can state law stay that would be extremely helpful. >> thank you for coming i'll call another set again and ms. casco let people know when they have one minute and begin to enforce that
4:45 pm
(calling names). >> commissioner vice president haney you'll add a couple of minutes. >> we'll add. >> we have 12 minutes left. >> so we'll add time as long as everyone stays to the one minute we'll try to get to everyone and ask for any translation. >> i'm a mother for of a sixth grader at hover and a lot of patterns together many of them will not speak i'll speak on behalf of them national asian-american coalition for education let the paramount have filed a complaint to complaint about 89 the
4:46 pm
department on the discretionary in chinese and asian students he called it the harvard university chinese inclusion act according to his report compliance and asian-american have to score 100 percent in app and take all the app classes to be considered into the top ufrtsd while others score 16 to 8 hundred without app our children are subject to a higher standard reducing tare readiness in middle school and high school is detrimental to their chance of all uh-huh all the common core standards only san francisco stanford university is delaying the math
4:47 pm
sequence not only that reduces or eliminations our chance of the public schools for college readiness but reduces the stem contrary please does not detail algebra and give the kids the choice thank you (clapping.) good evening superintendent carranza and commissioners and student delegates i'm a retired bilingual teacher in our san francisco unified school district after 35 years of taken care of newcomers students i'm here in support of concerned parents and students in the objection of our district delay to over the advancement placements and the thought gate courses by so doing it jeopardizes our students in the chief society please sorrow
4:48 pm
the concerns of our parents and students here tonight thank you (clapping.) a >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good evening my name is june june, i come from my family speeding i have 4 children and one is in the high school and with an is in the elementary school and the other one. >> elementary schools yeah.
4:49 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. while because for most of chinese children math is our strength and our everyone is not that good so if implementing the common core there algebra and subsequence right now means that you can eliminate the strength of our chinese family. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i wish that the school district can help your parents and community not to delay the
4:50 pm
math especially the algebra subsequence thank you (clapping.) thank you. >> all right. thank you i'll call the next set of speakers oh. >> dear skbz i'm dennis the form teach and been teaching in san francisco for 15 years today, i'm here to say that san francisco is a world-class city and we deserve our children deserve a world-class education and i think (clapping.) - i think that if we turned it around if you were the students of today and we told you we're going to cap you, you can't go as high you'll feel like the birds we're supposed to let them fly but caging them within that
4:51 pm
you couldn't reach our first potential he implore you to let our students reach they are potential in san francisco bay area were the hub of creativity all the height is here so who are they going to hire the students that we help to create that we help to educate so if we know make our students as appeal as possible to the high tech companies to keep them going i hope that in the advisory committee of everything us of the hub of innovation you'll let our children fly as high as they can thank you very much (clapping.) thank you all right.
4:52 pm
(calling names). >> superintendent carranza and the board of education commissioners i'm vincent a retired principal as you may know and with a son that attended san francisco public schools from k9 and graduating from the college of santa cruz with an it degree you guys did a job considering 48 percent of all eight graders that took algebra one in 2013 in 2013 have escorted proficient 68 percent in the star math test of eight grade i'm here to ask that the district offer a stem pathway
4:53 pm
starting in the middle school for stots students that are interested and ready to incur implicitly are the subject and major later and maybe a stem career later san francisco has done a great job with language emerge program why not offer a choice of a stem pathway for only for those who are interested and ready for it okay. because i think that x probation officers our children to math makes them more comfortable later in the stem field so, please since i know this district is known for offering choices to the population please offer to stem
4:54 pm
pathway as an extra choice thank you. >> thank you, mr. katie tang (clapping.) >> hi good evening, commissioners i'm miranda for the public schools in san francisco i actually am really pleased to see so many parents here and pleased by the tone 0 as far of the comments i came in here expecting to have a lot of differenceness and felt fortunate that is e-mails back and forth and people showing up tonight but we gotten to understand and important deeply about the issue of intimate stories from families that have e-mailed reasonable person called how they feel and how they've been effected by various
4:55 pm
policies including the math sequence he heard a i heard from a lot of difference prospective on both sides the issue but what oh. >> i'm going to finish and pass it over but really unites us the fear that parents have that our child is not seen slip through the cracks we don't have the opportunity we wish for them think of this as an opportunity to think of families and a few suggestions my friend will talk about to take advantage of though bring the apartments together with common interests. >> i'm the communications for friends of scald and giving my minute to me colleagues. >> i'm kate la the
4:56 pm
african-american outreach officer for parents of publics of of public schools i want to summarize some of the things that marianna was talk about for the board of education as far as communicating with parents when it comes to policy first, we building that it needs to be breakdown the budget & finance committee should be the levied in breaking down the we need places to come and assess the resources to help the students and communicate vision we need to know our district is working towards specifically what is the timeline division 2024 what will individualized study look like and now to make that real and parents cannot be on board if they don't know what is going on
4:57 pm
we request you share the work and the facebook as you move forward and most important to listen to parents we don't say have an organization that any stand on this policy not about policy but listening to parents and keeping in mind the possibilities they can have. >> i'll extend for 10 more minutes (clapping.) (calling names.) good evening board of education and superintendent carranza i'm chris collins a district parents public school product in a sense that went through public school in the fourth grade any twin
4:58 pm
brother were not to exceed no a fledge program i'm a little bit older than i look called tag talented and gifted precursor to great your talented and gifted who wouldn't want to be told that but it felt strange our friends were excluded this is a white suburbia of boston we don't have the issues in san francisco but starkly similar and negative so we felt weird and the next week day the pa named each of us individually in the middle of categorize said those folks are class please leave the class and go down the haul we quit the program and under the first privileged white person ivy leakage he educated
4:59 pm
this is now in place you should keep on going and sipping step up to make the change so everyone get a shot like i did thank you. >> (clapping.) hello commissioners superintendent carranza my name is elli a former high school and coach a county parents and a volunteer i'm here to talk about language as a form english teacher you're probably familiar with the farm i wanted to talk about double speak it is language that diligently disgits allergies or distortsdz the meaning of words i've heard packets and choice and option i've heard about discretion and i think that bother me when i look at the proposal that is presented what i see is tracking
5:00 pm
and it is basically the same plan that i've a of we've had before that students get placed in classes in sixth grade and end up were there they are in high school but inclusion when high portfolio members had 86 disparking the voice of african-american parents by saying part of issue that the sfusd has organized it's others community with representatives who don't representative everyone's concerns for example, kids can have high aspirations that black parents voices don't count or that they don't have high aspirations e the leaders talked about outreach and not
5:01 pm
done outreach with the african-american advisory committee or parents at the any high school i have information about what i think it going on as far as tracking and like to hand that out as public record thank you very much. >> thank you (clapping.) hello i'm available to answer any questions you may have emily i'm a parent and i'm also a stem professional in consequent active i'm happy i'm really happy with the new math sequence and i think stanford university is doing the right thing by keeping the kids together i'm excited that sfusd has partnered with the starved congratulating
5:02 pm
graduate school an introduction of more project based meaningful lengthy problems by harnessing a variety of prospective one the classrooms and project based learning goes hand in hand with falsification so i want to point out the dpaef differentiation n evaluation 11 and 12-year-old students can learn with students different than i'm going to turn it over i believe that we have a lot of exceptional students with learning expectation and this is a limited view of math and education and our students future sfusd requires all stds
5:03 pm
students would work together through eight grade i don't want to track 10 and 11-year-old to have critical math skills for life thank you (clapping.) >> my name is julie i'm a parented he support of the differentiation not a discriminatory tracking some parents want the tracking the system if let my vietnamese husband take classes he was the pulled out to learn english sfusd proposal for math classes is which i support is an initiative approach to all sdmept for students in 7 grade the racism divides us and
5:04 pm
misinformation i support differentiation so we look at the students in keeping them in diverse classrooms i'm curious about the i'm address the public schools this is the name of on a organization to prioritize schools in oakland to turn la public schools into charter connected or not their falling it into the traps pelosi off the infrastructure to serve a small group of children is okay. thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you so i want to thank all the speakers and all the parents and educators it came out and spoke we did pretty well in time i said i was going to do this in the beginning for those who have concerns or options to the
5:05 pm
concerning math sequencing i'm not saying over opted but if you want and have concerns about the math okay. thank you and for those of you who are in support of current math subsequence of the district thank you. >> and again, thank you all for being here and our comments that is important we hear from you superintendent carranza wanted to say a word before we move on. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney and especially the tuesday to the students articulate thank you for coming out and hope our home doing our homework and those who expressed their thinks outside the box about the math sequence in san francisco i think this is
5:06 pm
important to get on the record i'm very, very appreciative the community engagement around that topic this is not a recent engagement but working to engage the comment for over 3 years around the common core state standards held numerous forums our math team met at school sites and described the curriculum and the sequence we want to be clear about the miss statements for the students that feel they'll not have a placate to californ calculus you'll not do that this evening be respect as adults. >> the second thing everyone engagements around this topic i hope you'll take the same due
5:07 pm
diligence to understand to study what the district has presented in terms of the sequence and why the scents sequence is a better sequence than any other sequence of classes in the bay area look what our students of the pack assessment people are talking about star tests and algebra those are outdated their obsolete they don't exist we're common core mathematic it is statistics and a lot of math consent in that math class not the same old math class people are talking about you need to be clear in terms of what you're talking about and that also leads me to be
5:08 pm
very clear i said that last board meeting in 1779 thompson james weldon johnson proposed a two-track system of public education in the united states and one-track for the learned and the second track for the for the laboring and he proposed that in the two-track system that the learned have an opportunity to learn and you might be able to have some of the rubbish some geniuses from the rubbish i am thrilled one sized fits none the one size every african-american and every poor child the general landline math curriculum everyone a proposed honors curriculum i'll
5:09 pm
let you think there is no honor curriculum sit down, sir this not your time that meant faster that's all it if meant a differentiated curriculum but faster so let's be clear if you're not about equality by way of i'm reading the blog about african-american families and kids if you don't believe in equality and all children belong in this district let's talk about curriculum but don't talk equality if i don't mean it. >> (clapping.) thank you, everyone for coming out the next we'll move on item k special order of business nun together and item l the discussion of other educational issues we'll have a ms. wong come up to present a power point
5:10 pm
so we'll take our other positions. >> thanks again for everyone coming out and sharing. >> i think we asked everyone to stay for this presentation about the loud plan and how we are serving the english laundering learners it is informative we invite you all to stay and listen to this
5:11 pm
>> program guide. >> today's outcome for the subscribe the purpose of annual report and the connection to the english learners support in
5:12 pm
place and at the present time, to share the highlights of the data by el pathway and share any that next steps in improving. >> can i make sure reis have quorum sandra fewer sorry. >> also we're with share the district el support. >> so the annual report for english learners is filed with the federal court february 1st, the modified consent one hundred and 75 files with the staffing data by the lapsing and professional records across the district and english learn and structural materials and translations of key parents and translation of and interpretation guidelines and
5:13 pm
record the unanimous report is data for the effectiveness of the el system of support to provide the commissioners and student delegates it is our system of support for the english learners not all aspects but it starts with the school leadership and the middle school and high school academic counseling and central team data reviews and looking at the achievement english learners and professional by grade level and cross the schools and el by the proficiency and two pathway teachers teachers provide the designated and else and o el and the pathway with available with the student support services any type of referrals starts with the assistance program and the student success teams and know
5:14 pm
with an array of support as well external partnerships that are invested in the school community also connected ervin learn advisory committee is he discuss everyone learn data and provide any type of budget recommendation so with our new modified decree we are on the journalist journey to move in the school year conveyance the el services by implementing new supports and as we fellow year by year we'll be implementing the evaluating the improving and refinancing what we have in practices in fall of 2018 we'll demonstrate a full commitment to el services and hopefully gain the status from the decree starting with the first set of data we start with the number of
5:15 pm
english learners and t k through 12, 62 languages there continues to be cantonese and spanish as the largest language groups followed by mandarin and filipino and vietnam's and arabic and others in under the 12 percent within the percentage of special education students that are english learners with a packet as you can see a majority of students are in the english pathway that is basically provideing english immersion without language instruction and as you can see that are dueling identified in the spanish pathway and not as many in the mandarin and cantonese pathway that is a slide that represents the percentage of english
5:16 pm
learners that have gained on the english test by the pathway t k through 12 broke down by language pathway and levels as you can see most of students within the to 60 percent range of gain one proficiency level in the 2014-2015. >> here are the 2015 pack results and classification your comparing sfusd by clarification in comparison to the state performance and here as you can see consistently that the district is it out professionalism the sate percentages in terms of meeting at least proficient level 3 and above standard steetsdz a similar pattern for the 2015
5:17 pm
pack results the sfusd clarification with the english on students and the proficient reclassified are out performing students bans the state average. >> one thing we are also looking at the number of students that are scored at standard met that is level 3 and above on the literacy and by pathway here as you can see students are performing on the language pathway and again breaking down by clarifies where whether the students within the pathway for example an english learn a reclassified students an fluent or english echo o only those are the percentage of students that are scoring at level 3. >> this is the results for the math same different packets and
5:18 pm
by classification. >> for 2014-2015 reclassification we reclassified one thousand 200 students this is a breakdown of the number the large percentage were students classified as a english learn from 2 to 4 years and have a number of long term english learners that are reclassified in a few learners that were reclassified during this year we look at the data by language pathway as you can see the breakdown by language pathway and also by levels so we're noticing that while many of the students may not be reclassifying at the elementary schools there's indefinite a lot of students and secondary he level especially in the middle level we also want to look at the
5:19 pm
reclassification this is the pathway not receiving packet instruction here a similar pattern where interest is less reclassification elementary but far more at the secondary level apparently one new requirement we have under the lowell report to look at the reclassification cac and not reclassify students seeing how they're performing on existing miles an hour with the new a pack results this is how the students are perform as you can see we're looking reclassified students that are reclassified in 2012, intuitively, 2013-2014 a 2014-2015 this is the scores on the levels from 1 to 4 standard
5:20 pm
not meet to standard exceeded and this is what that looks like for s pack math so for both slides from the staff prospective we are still xrr the level two in terms of the percentage of students at the higher score that is standards nearly met and sttsdz students at the not met level we'll be doing follow-up one could have i cannot it is the first year of administration on the s pack and a lot of students are at the level 3 and four for both the s pack math and the literacy this is the percentage of students that graduated in 2014-2015 by classification the number of english only are staff
5:21 pm
learn students a lot of the english learn students breaking down by to that grateful they're developing and some of our long term esl a lot of the students choose to stay on for an additional year and concurrent enrollment but a number that decides to leave the district so in terms of our next step looking at and analyzing the data and looking at the current system of support how to make improvements to make sure that there is dwrr achievement levels one they know around english language ambassador for the intervention el not performing as high as the pathways and also looking at longer some of the best practices around how to
5:22 pm
support the students that are given up on their education and for students so many different kinds of students if those who have grade level concept to students with significant gaps in education how to support their needs and language pathway our greatest is teacher recruitment and support our teachers so they have the tools that they need to support the students instruction improving the instructions to make sure there are adequate materials and assessment formative ascertainment helps teachers to be able to improve their practices and make improvements drew your attention the third thing around worker learners with i e p and making sure the assessments and el standards and
5:23 pm
appropriate goals are in place it's the first step and atlanta the services and goals are monitored overtime and lastly one new very important on or about that we received a lot of feedback during the decree community and was around el engagement making sure that the el fathers and mothers have the tools and information know what the language development instruction looks like and the redevelopment classification process is chops sorry so really to support our efforts in one and two we have a portfolio with our stanford partners last year, we looked at the language development tints coupled with meaningful access to the core curriculum and formative assessment and have an old
5:24 pm
observation portfolio with the new l d documents the data we'll be collecting best practices that can be shared across other pathway and determine the support to improve the pathway qualify it is are tinder 0 into a customized application it is a custom temple plat part of app that can be easily used a non-tool that is really to support the professional development it's not and really to list actually all the best practices around led and english learn assess to the core curriculum this is just to give you a sense of the outreach or the professional development we're providing to our school seats around what needs to be knitted
5:25 pm
in an i e p from information and eligibility to annual goals and objectives each of those letters represent a form and each forearm needs to include all the packs to support of english learners with the i e ps. >> translation of key family engagement materials is critical to our ability to be able to engage with the families for the very first time we have an enrollment guide transmitted in 6 languages you have a copy of the guide and translated the i e p temple place of residence to use for guides and the timeline so that parents understand where all the assessment timeline is the reclassification timeline
5:26 pm
and really have something they can use to initiate the parents teacher conference for discussions they have and lastly many appreciation's to the following departments that provided the data and documents to complete the annual report from the center to the translation unit all of those departments provided a multitude of at that time, how the is the have supported and the families are being served with that, thank you very much i wanted to let folks know that we have ferry in the witness stand the director with us as well as amy the secondary supervisor in mpd if there is any questions relayed to the instruction and
5:27 pm
support. >> thank you very much ms. wong and open up to comments or questions from the board. >> thank you for the presentation ms. workers' comp he have one question we saw the data together and before that demonstrates our latino students are taking longer to reclassify as a wholesome schools are providing accelerated language opportunity after school is there plans for the language learn opportunities not only for the latino students but students as a whole where the
5:28 pm
acceleration fits in the protocol. >> i can talk about the proposals we have and plan for the summer intervention that model we began a pilot program last year looking at partnering with our community-based organizations to provide a staff academic intervention and afternoon partnering with the cbos we'll hope to expand and on that model and have an opportunity for newcomer high school students to engage in summary learn as an opportunity and continue to advance for english proficient decide but as a way to earner credits for
5:29 pm
graduations the intervention in middle school implementing in 4 schools willie l. brown middle school and others that includes the summer that targeted not only language learning but also credulous goal setting and addressing some of the emotional components of the students academic identity i think that covers that. >> i'm sorry the people didn't
5:30 pm
stay for this fascinating report i'm looking at pages 10 and 11 and seeing that significant gaps between the el and e o right is it page 10 and 11 oh, yeah by classification so, so what i wanted to know for classification this is all of our students at the san francisco unified school distri district; is that correct not all in any english. >> all by classification and so there's a huge gap with the e o and esl so i'm looking at you, you know, i'm wondering by looking at this on page 10 what can you tell me
5:31 pm
about where our students are seeing the biggest gains i think and for like and what is it tell me i see this gap here and i'm wondering and then so we look at this calendar to other slides of different programming and reclassification and everything what can you tell me about that gap. >> if you want to pointed out awhile english learners and english only students a gap if you look at students that are reclassified and students that are bilingual there are the i accept students. >> so then are with we saying what their reclassified we went from very low percentage to reclassified to a lot of kids reclassified so in previous
5:32 pm
presentations really an authentic gage are we how are your reclarifying them because it is the best i know this had; right? what the data is showing you if i'm correct the reclassification in the original ohio hypotheses we get different measures to reclassify but hone in on the reclassification seem to have better result is that what i'm seeing on page 10. >> you're seeing the students that met the criteria is performing on pare or better than their peers. >> the original intent and the direction in the model this, of course, is only the baseline this year just b you showing
5:33 pm
we're getting gains if what we attempted to do we're headed right direction; right? but a gap i know some things your proposing that we can do and i know that it is good news for us till when i a long time this the gap is not good news but the idea that what we thought what about better is actually better in what we did i think if we were a little bit concerned the rapid classification to reclassify everyone but not an impact we see around the graduation scores another indication right so i have a question that is page 18 on the power point and so i think that actually as i look at the graduation sores is it also evident we're seeing
5:34 pm
the acquaintances through high school you mentioned a lot of the students are president obama for a 5 education does that include the students that graduated with the fifth year of instruction? >> it does not only 4 years that's the required the reporting retirement. >> can you give me an indication of how it looks after the fifth year and how much better or whatever it is really encouraging and gives more direction around more esl have graduating after the fifth year maybe looking at plans for 5 years of high school verse the affair years; right? but a lot of newcomers that come later not
5:35 pm
at kindergarten but high school or middle school i'm simon a lot of thought students are those who have not been reclassified so i love to see the scores i think that will be a big boost to shows you the evidence that shows you we're going in the right direction thanks this is great to update us and see if we're moving in the right direction and what we are implementing is actually having real impact on academic churment as we approve a budget that includes resources to go towards our esl those will serve them and in the right direction so thank you so much.
5:36 pm
>> superintendent carranza. >> commissioners, i wanted to remind you on slide 18 is didn't include the fifth year for the students take advantage the fifth year but the new cohort of students that meet all the graduation kwirments requirements by the cahsee they were a lot of english language learners i'm knock on wood the news will keep on getting better. >> any questions or comments. >> i had one and thank you for this presentation that was credible informative around the s pack it would be great do have this by language and pathway i know we have by pathway here but nostril broke down as compared to the state and across the board i know that if you look at
5:37 pm
here and this spanish verse the cantonese pathway a huge difference in the capacity great to see for spanish speaking as s pack as pardon to the rest of the state and you know similar across the board broke down by language to get a true sense of the way we are and other areas by pathway but broke down by the s pack to see how we're doing for all the students other than that i appreciate your presentation and commissioner fewer thought of someone else. >> christine i love to see the influencecy if we're doing is an emerge program our students
5:38 pm
without not have to - the students come in as english learners; right? are they maintaining their native language through the emerging program what the world level the fluency one target formal what we kept k through fist and k through 8 about examine it if they're in the pathway in high school like where are they you know this is also sort of this measures on the other half; right? around the language not only worker but maintain your native language you don't say to recapture later on. >> we don't have this
5:39 pm
information but through the partner assessment we'll be pretty much olsen lee assessment with that deep data by particular grade levels spelling the last name if also the different languages as well so more to come. >> i think outside the box great and a great use of money thanks much. >> thank you seeing inform anymore questions or comments appreciate the presentation we'll continue moving on item m consent calendar resolution none tonight and item n vote an consent calendar that was moved and seconded under f. >> thank you. >> ms. chin. >> mr. totiano. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton
5:40 pm
ms. wynns consent calendar. >> i. >> thank you dr. murase that's of i's. >> all right. item o consent calendar resolution severed for the board. >> one item severed. >> i got it. >> superintendent who should take that. >> oh, ms. wynns. >> so this is the c grant on page 23 i think 20 29. >> 29 so i met with staff and talked about this and they understand what my concerns are and he appreciate that we as i'm sure they've told told you one the things we're hoping to do
5:41 pm
with this is fascist the professional development and hopefully, the entry into the professional people paraprofessionals and particularly those who have degrees so our actually an interesting question i didn't ask anyone did anyone ask how many have interested in doing this but you know i don't really need an answer but the whole universe the whole potential the students of those potential people will be the program under 200 people even though we'll get hire some new people it will not be very many that is a potential market that will be exhausted
5:42 pm
after a relatively short time from the ranks of paraprofessionals that have degrees and time a teacher credential not a high number of teaches teachers we'll train but very well people we could be helping people will have intercredentials and get their credentials during a limited period of time that might be more people we get those all the time but people are emergency credentials are people that have to have paths towards multiple subjects and another kinds of examines they have to be aimed towards a taken care of career we proposing to enter anticipate agreement with a previous
5:43 pm
erection that is basically committing to the theory we can take anyone out in a relatively short period of time make them both a teacher that is not a wise ways for us to proceed to address the issue the teacher shortage especially pause i read a piece today that i think kamz if perry sins before the teacher shortage is a sorj shortage of certain kinds of teachers we don't have enough ever special education teaches we want to make sure we look at ways specific strategies we can recruit and train if we train teachers in the areas we need and not necessarily except i'm unwilling to do take a person
5:44 pm
with a degree and a number of weeks turn them both a teacher that is go hyper boric description that is a program they'll be taking courses and going through a credential program i've personally having participated myself but have been 0 on the board and pay attention when we had a sprern program in the district again taking people who were eligible and during the intern got an emergency credential on the train for that a teacher but as fundamentally different than the theory that this organization and organizations like this work i understand and appreciate that that is not really over intention in san francisco most
5:45 pm
important part it we'll putter us on the road to be a incredibly issuing agency we will be able to train and help people get credentials and actually issue them ourselves to the teacher that is important thing for us to do i'm stealing disappointed we're doing it this way and the other thing i want to say is that i understand that the reason we're doing this or one of the reasons we're doing it the real reason is because the people giving this grant the federal government are 100 percent biased in favor of this model people in charge of our education policy at the federal level who are advocating for and promoting the idea that not public agencies like us will
5:46 pm
actually are educational suffusions by private organizations are a better way to train teachers to look for teachers to run schools and do all kinds of things it's happened twice the board is presented to approve a grant award to by the federal government into 24 private organization the new teacher project and we didn't know the board didn't know this until is appeared on the agenda i appreciate we actually got something you know a weeks ago describe it to us but here's the board would be having to approve the application for a major grant like this from the federal government if he were to be the grantee but this is set up by the feds we don't want to give
5:47 pm
the money to the school system this grant is those private organizations that the fed is the government is favoring as a way to do this and this is twice the written into the grant is the new teacher project has applied for and been approved of a grant from the federal government and san francisco san francisco unified school district is what we'll partner with the san francisco unified school district and in this case and a few others to do this work you know, i have to say that in both cases i've been stunned wait why didn't we know deciding had is the way to you know one try to address and goal to become a credential agency ourselves and facilitate the training of new features
5:48 pm
overseeing to begin with we're connected to the school district and help owe support why didn't the board know about that we're not the grantee i'm not going to support this this is one reason it is difficult to support contract with an organization whose primary purpose not here maybe in thought but form for the purpose of saying the traditional way teachers are trained is bad and try to undermine the teacher credential and training that is developed not i'm critical of or saying it is perfect but i fundamentally building that whatever improvements we want in that system work with those suffusions institutions to
5:49 pm
improve that not undermine it to say to look at private organizations to find a different way to do it by implication or the system is i think adequate and bad but in addition to that i'm asking that we seek i'll have so ask matt haney because the president of the board is not here but put on the agenda and have a discussion and to see a way to avoid this noted cumbersome to the board about in the planning stage the board might say no, we don't want to participate but do it a different way or tell you tell us what is going up we'll not be
5:50 pm
presented with this choice and by way of not quite as much after a kind of extortion driven model as some of those things in the past but frankly when we've about bench desperate for funding but the kinds of funds were much more limited that we've been in the position of saying so make a deal with the devil either make a deal with an organization you don't should be driving this for the teachers or whatever i don't think this is as bad there is an improvement i'm happy about that but think we shouldn't have something come to us like this before it appears as a pretty much done deal. >> commission.
5:51 pm
>> thank you ms. wynns i do agree with the government should fund this directly but seeing they're not and i think we have an opportunity i think that the san francisco unified school district are having an agreement at the board with private doors o donors we want them to do not to us frankly we can do that better than most folks and the u.s. government to trust us with knowledge and give us the money i completely agree i want to say i had to add a person meeting a month ago it was informative a short turn out time and i understand the concerns and my comment to this is just a couple of things i want to put on
5:52 pm
record and one of the things where the requirements they'll definitely come to the tackle and be xhould and that their concerns will be heard and that we can come to an agreement how this will be allowed and we work in partnership with the other credentialed institutions that is not a competition i'm hopefully new closed session was here and even that from actually at hits credential a different kind of credential and school i sat on many of the panels inspiring the teachers and they take the a credential program in a different way i think mrs. our
5:53 pm
deputy superintendant through that program and many fin fin educators and hopefully, we'll duplicate some of the in house expertise of people in our administration that have gone to the program and really created something that of unique and different and to the benefit of the district seconds we have their expertise working for us at san francisco unified school district i want to say that part of this grant is about recruitment and so i'd like to see something in the budget that supports retentions that would be coaching at the schools and giving the new teachers real support that is why the residency program we've heard high remarks from 9 administrators and principals abused of a lot of support in the classroom; right? and this is what they need you also want to mention the special ed credential i think our
5:54 pm
investment with the money that we're putting towards the incredibly of our special ed teachers is going to do make us more competitive as we seek out educators so with that said, this is an exist opportunity yes do i think the government should fund that directly absolutely but everyone should fund that dribble and if our leisure partners we've heard today thought this was an opportunity and their educators we want to say that those of us on its board we're not educators ourselves really i don't know if any of us have our teaching credentials we have an opportunity to create something here that we have the district
5:55 pm
has been talking about and great calculation with the partners carry the expertise what it is like to be in the classroom and doing the hard work of the teaching thank you very much. >> commissioner walton thank you, thank you i know in my conversations i want to stress i'm excited about the developing of our own programs and our teachers but to make sure we didn't do that without the support of our district leaders it is good to see we're including them in the work as we move forward and again, i want to commend the team for working very hard on the recruitment strategies and working with the others institutions and higher educations we have an opportunity to develop our own
5:56 pm
educator that is going to be important for longevity in terms of keeping the educators in the district i'm excited about the work and even though educators are on board and looking forward to the produce like commissioner wynns and commissioner fewer like to develop our own homegrown products without having to include the outside entity but we can get there through this process so thank you. >> anyone else oh. >> okay. >> and we know that commissioner wynns made a request of me specifically - what's that. >> remind you. >> we'll work with the board leadership to work with the team to figure out how to do that i share the concerns and all of us would like to know about those sort of things earlier in the process i've heard it a number
5:57 pm
of times so be a part and give input it comes to us we hear from the labor partners feel blind-sided so we don't determine the timelines and have to be responsive and all of that so we want to make that work but the board can be informed your labor partners and sure that under those not a sense that anyone is surprised i understand interest is challenges around that but image we can do things to help to address it issue and also echo the comments around the positive comments made tonight from usf leadership specific around their commitment moving forward i hope we'll be i didn't want and we really make that a calculation because
5:58 pm
really it is intended to be in partnership and serve the needs of the educators we'll take a vote. >> add one i mean, you, discuss there but refer this is the rules committee i'd, happy to develop a proposal i don't mean that item what i requested the issue 6 seeking a way to have the board to know about those kind of partnership proposals earlier if you can take that under advisement. >> i wanted to acknowledge that in the last few weeks tennis the labor committee meeting the conversation is part of the reason he feel confident we can build a program that is
5:59 pm
going to be successful and really unique and have the sfusd stamp in those conversations they've been so rich and raised great treetops we have to grapple through and not figure out alone in h.r. we'll need our labor partners in the room to help us what the design and over chief academic officer to hope with the consent and design more and more conversations that is exactly we want those kind of rich design conversations moving forward we'll be able to make that program our own so my hope to continue the dialogue we've been having those are really, really great conversations and bringing up great topics we'll need to have. >> i want to offer i'm happy to have that on a personal labor
6:00 pm
meeting periodically and augment that so board members can help to admonishment monitor the process. >> thank you very much. >> ms. chin. >> mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns no. >> 5 i's. >> all right. so item p introduction of new proposals and assignment to committee for a to the new board rules i'll ask the superintendent for first reading and ask for a motion after i read frnl of them into the record and resolution authorization to grant the alternative renewal for the mission preparatory chapter


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